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You're U.S.D.A. and I'm D.O.D. and you're not under what used to be
called N.M.C.I. and what's now called C.O.S.C.  If you have been
documenting the software and configuration changes you have been doing
on systems and that documentation has been seen and continues to be seen
by your supervisors and your supervisors have not yet told you to stop
doing your own upgrades then you're in no danger of loosing your job for
this activity.  The admin types have higher powers than the developer
types too.  With what was N.M.C.I. and now is C.O.S.C. there were three
classes of machines created.  Top was admin where you key your user name
in with an .adm suffix; then there was developer where you used a .dev
suffix to access a developer account, then there was N.M.C.I. which had
no suffix on your user name.  Everyone with a developer account also has
an N.M.C.I. account but not everybody with an N.M.C.I. account has a
developer account.  The admins are off in their own world separate from
the normal users and are able to do more than developers.  Hope this
helps, and I hope you never live long enough to come under N.M.C.I.

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I have a U.S.D.A. employee. I just installed Jim's scripts for Eclipse.
I have admin rights to update JAWS. Am I doing something wrong? Each
time JAWS has an update it must be tested in Beltsville, Maryland before
we are given permission to use it. Losing my job is not very high on
things that I want to do (grin).

Susie Stanzel

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I wouldn't hold my breath on FS doing that.
it took the government telling FS that they would drop sells if 
remote was not in the software. Took them 6 months get that feature 
right for use and that was after a new release. So that year was 2 
version releases.
When it comes down to a few people they move slow and when threatened 
with lose of total income they do it now.
Just like the winamp scripts. Took them 3 versions before they put 
them in script package for jaws.

At 09:00 AM 3/4/2011, you wrote:
>Thanks, my employer bought jaws for windows which needs to be labeled
>more accurately as jaws for windows word processor's edition.  The
>appsetup.exe and jsx jaws script exchange when added then turn jaws for
>windows into jaws for windows programmer's edition.  This is critical
>because as of two days ago I was presented with a Hobson's choice.  To
>understand it, you need to understand that even for
>programmers/developers with dev accounts that group of people is only
>allowed to have NMCI approved software on their systems.  For software
>to get approved, it has to go through a blackbox testing procedure
>costs lots of dollars and will only be done if many people will be
>the software packages in question.  These two jaws add-ons will be used
>by too few people to make the blackbox testing worthwhile so it won't
>get done and the software packages in this context will never get
>approved.  When unapproved software is found on a user's computer, they
>loose that computer system and they also loose their job.  That nearly
>happened to a lady who is working with us on the project I've been
>assigned and a Tier three technician installed the software on her
>machine.  What will be done if D.O.D. requests it is freedomscientific
>will install the latest version of jaws script exchange and
>in its next version of jaws for windows for D.O.D. and that next
>of jaws for windows will go through testing and once approved be put on
>all machines needing speech screen reader services.  All of this takes
>time which means I won't be doing any development on the current
>but may do development on future projects given packages become
>available and work as advertised.
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>If you get the JAWS Scripts Exchange, you will get some free scripting
>utilities in the zip folder of that package after you install. Check
>JAWS Scripting category on
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>Is appsetup.exe the only free jaws for windows development add-on in
>these days or do other add-on packages exist which a modern and real
>development environment ought to have installed?
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