Re: Which PYTHON Compiler

Hello Lloyd and listers,

    Looks like that narrows my choices down nicely. The answer was probably
right under my nose all the time. Talk to you later.

Peter Donahue

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You would not want any of the Win64 versions, because you are not running
64-bit Windows and current screen readers don't support it.

Lloyd Rasmussen, Kensington, Maryland

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> Good evening again everyone,
>     I'm on the download page of:
>     Our computers use Intel Processors. Mine is an HP and Mary's is a
> Gateway. Both machines run Windows XP with SP2. There are several PYTHON
> compilers for windows listed. They are:
> For x86 processors:
> python-2.5.1.msi
> For Win64-Itanium users:
> python-2.5.1.ia64.msi
> For Win64-AMD64 users:
> python-2.5.1.amd64.msi
>     Looking at the file extensions am I to assume that the same download
> is
> for all Windows machines, or are there differences between these
> compilers.
> Since our machines do not use AMD processors that eliminates one of these
> versions right there. Just want to be sure I'm installing the correct
> version of the compiler before I do so. First I need to upgrade both JAWS
> and Ed Sharp.
>     And while I'm at it is the same RUBYCompiler used for all flavors of
> Windows, or is there a particular version I need for Windows XP. Thanks
> again for your help.
> Peter Donahue

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