RE: Visualstudio 2008 configuration question

I got the configuration instructions from a message posted on this list.
Those came from a file on jamal mazrui's site too.  Given the
environment in which I work software integrity is questionable at best.
Lots of malware running around having fun so that could explain things
if all else fails.

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That does not sound like any feature I am familiar with. What Editor are
you working in? Have you set up the IDE for accessibility and turned off
some of the dynamic features? Where did you get your instructions on
setting up the IDE?
There allot of settings for Visual Studio you set under the View menu by
hitting enter on the Options selection under the View Menu. You need to
get them set up for the IDE to work well with a screen reader. As for
the delete problem there is nothing I am aware of that would delete
lines of code automatically if your cursor is just sitting someplace but
who knows? It just doesn't sound like a feature anybody would purposely
design into a software product.
Anyway, the first step is to get your IDE set up properly or you will
have all kinds of problems working with a screen reader.
Rick USA

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What do I need to change so visual studio 2008 doesn't delete lines of
code I haven't specifically told it to delete?  It seems if I'm on any
part of a program and let the cursor stay still on that particular spot
in time and not much time I notice lines of code that were near the
cursor are now missing.  I can do better with emacs.
Unfortunately we don't run Linux at work and emacs isn't an N.M.C.I.
approved package.

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