Single-document version available of a course on accessible Flash

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One of my pet peeves as a screen reader user is encountering a web site where a document of interest has been split into numerous pages and an unknow number of nested levels. Reading a significant portion of such a document involves navigating past mostly duplicative text and links at the top and bottom of almost every page, waiting for each new page to load before reading can resume, etc. I think that format is fine for people who just want to browse a few sections of a document or have a low bandwith Internet connection that can only handle small pages at a time. I wish it would be a general practice, however, to also supply a single-document version that someone can download completely and conveniently at once, and/or read continuously without interruption. Such formats are typically HTML, Word, or PDF.

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Toward that end, I have created single-document versions of a course on accessible Flash, published by the U.S. Veterans Administration in over 250 web pages containing only a few paragraphs each. Problems in the accessibility of Flash content and apps are widespread on the web, so I think this information is worth sharing in various ways. A single-document, HTML version of the course is now available at

It was generated via an automated process that undoubtedly resulted in less-than-admirable HTML, but it seams to be rendered well enough for clear viewing with a screen reader. A structured text version is at

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