Resolved, Sort Of, Re: Two Computers, now LAN?

Hi Guys:
Brought a wt34g router for the Primary computer and matching receiver for the remote computer.
Installed the receiver and Windows said good to go.
Tried to install router and failed on MS Msg Launch Error over and over with many attempts, even did a system restore. Finally called Linksys a couple times and found a fellow in India who walked me through setting the system up from a WebPage with allot of manual entries which worked.
At least I now have access to the internet from both computers, phew!
Later I might try and set them up in a lan configuration.
Thanks, and this thread is done for me for now.
Rick Farmington Mich. USA
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Ah, yes -- you are talking about the local network -- you can have a lot of
computers set up there -- in my last mail I was thinking of addresses
reachable from outside.
It isn't that hard to set up a linksys network.
The defaults are pretty useful -- you can set up static addresses for some
machines or just use dynamic hosting to allocate a new address for each
machine that links to the network.
The internal IP address for a linksys router is
and dynamic addresses start at and run up from there to some
If there are other linksys wireless nets in your area, to avoid conflict,
you can pick a different address for your router.

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With a router such a Linksys, you can have around 252 different machines
with eachone having their own IP address. I don't think you need to
request another IP from your ISP. You tehn remote to the other one by
using its private IP and away you go.

Richard Thomas said the following on 2/4/2008 1:42 PM:
Hi Gang:
I just received my second development computer.  Now I want to set them
up so I can access them as 2 seperat computers across the net.  For
example to test  remote WebSites and remote DataBases and other remote
thingys with diferent things like URLs and Connection strings for the DBs.
I am thinking of getting a Linksys router to do this but can I have 2
diferent IP Addresses on one router so they look like 2 seperat remote
locations?  Or, is that not possible without a seperate IP account with
Road Runner?
Rick Farmington Mich. USA

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