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It makes sense that that would fix the bios issue though, if  this is a
windows seven workaround for the "media keys,"

On 9/7/2010 8:31 PM, The Elf wrote:
> some of them are in the BIOS, some are where ty said, and some are a
> simple "hit the fn key once" setup, it depends on what computer your
> dealing with.
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>> Really? Glad it is that easy! I thought it was odd that the setting
>> was in BIOS; this makes more sense.
>> On 9/5/10, Tyler Littlefield <tyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jeff:
> I had this same problem. you need to do this:
> go to start and type mobility.
> tab over to "change behavior," and select "function key," instead of
> multimedia key.
> HTH,
> On 9/5/2010 5:28 PM, Jeff Berwick wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> Sorry to bother you with this but, I can't come up with the right
>>>>> combination of words in Google to get an answer.
>>>>> I just bought a HP Netbook running Windows 7.  The function keys have
>>>>> their default behaviour as some kind of function keys.  So, in order to
>>>>> use the insert key, I have to hold down the function key and insert.  I
>>>>> would like to have that row work at natively meant.  For example, I
>>>>> would
>>>>> like to push [f1] and have it perform the default [f1] behaviour
>>>>> without
>>>>> having to hold the function key.
>>>>> Anybody know how to fix this?  I have fixed this on my Mac but, I
>>>>> have no
>>>>> idea where to go in Windows.
>>>>> Thx,
>>>>> Jeff
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