[ppi] [ppiindia] penyelesaian konflik demi mencegah penderitaan masyarakat Palestina

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  Seharusnya menyetop kekerasan dari Israel dan Palestina, para=20
pejuang Palestina tidak perlu membalas dendam akibat penggusuran=20
perumahan Palestina utk pembangunan tembok. Bahkan sudah penolakan=20
pembangunan tembok dari bangsa dunia, tapi jangan sampai=20
pengadudombaan yang membuat kemarahan masayrakat Palestian termasuk=20
menyerang markas kepolisian dan pemerintahan Palestina??? Inilah=20
semacam pengadudombaan agar memmudahkan keinginan kepentingan=20
tertenu. Masyarakat Palestina Jangan gunakan senjata dan mengangkat=20
senjata utk perang, sama sekali tidak dapat menyelesaikan konflik=20

 Sesungguhnya tidak harus membalas dgn perang, sebab konflik dapat=20
diselesaikan dgn baik baik. Apakah para pejuang Palestina hanya=20
membalas dendam?? Perlu ada pembangunan kepolisian dan keimiliteran=20
Palestina demi keamanan yang dapat di bawah payung UU dan aturan=20

 Perlu dapat disiapkan pasukan PBB dari Islam dan Arab di perbatasan=20
Israel-Palestina. Termasuk di Irak. Sebenarnya satu satu pasukan PBB=20
dari Islam dapat menenangkan konflik bentrokan.

  Karena para pejuang Irak semakin membingungkan yang sebelumnya=20
Mesir sebagai negara Arab mau membantu penyelesaian konflik di Irak.=20
Tetapi dimanfaat sebagai sandera sandera agar jangan didatangkan=20
pasukan Arab??? Mesir adalah negara satu satu dari negara negara Arab=20
mau membantu Irak. Ini sesungguhnya bisa pengadudombaan dan=20
keengganan menyelesaikan konflik.


Israel Changes West Bank Barrier Route=20

JERUSALEM - Israel's Defense Ministry has mapped out a new route for=20
the separation barrier in the West Bank that heeds a Supreme Court=20
order to reduce hardships for Palestinians and runs closer to the=20
Israel's 1967 border, officials said Monday.=20

In the West Bank, a solution appeared near in the political crisis=20
for Yasser Arafat (news - web sites), as his prime minister was=20
reported ready to rescind his resignation. Palestinian officials said=20
Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia was weighing assurances from Palestinian=20
leader Yasser Arafat that he would have more authority to make=20

Qureia could announce the withdrawal of his resignation letter after=20
a meeting Tuesday with Arafat, which would end a two-week standoff=20
and ease the turmoil in the Palestinian territories.=20

Quriea resigned earlier this month in frustration at Arafat's refusal=20
to let him carry out reform in the security forces and deal with=20
growing turmoil in the Palestinian areas.=20

Elements of the new route for the barrier will be presented this week=20
to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (news - web sites) and Defense=20
Minister Shaul Mofaz for their approval, security officials said on=20
condition of anonymity.=20

Details of the new map were not available, but the officials said it=20
would run much closer to the internationally-recognized cease-fire=20
line of 1967 than originally planned.=20

The decision to redraw the route was in line with an order by the=20
Israeli Supreme Court last month to make the barrier less disruptive=20
of Palestinian lives. But it ignored a ruling by the International=20
Court of Justice =97 the U.N.'s highest judicial body =97 that the=20
barrier was illegal and must be completely torn down.=20

Acting on the world court's judgment, the U.N. General Assembly=20
overwhelmingly passed a resolution last week calling on Israel to=20
dismantle the barrier and compensate Palestinians whose lands were=20

The system of fences, walls and razor wire cuts into the West Bank at=20
several points, keeping Palestinians from reaching jobs, school and=20
their farmland. About one-fourth of the barrier has been built and it=20
will eventually run 680 kilometers (425 miles).=20

Israel says the structure prevents suicide bombers infiltrating from=20
the West Bank. Nearly 1,000 Israelis have been killed in Palestinian=20
attacks in nearly four years of fighting. Palestinians argue that the=20
barrier could become a new political boundary, effectively annexing=20
large parts of the West Bank.=20

The Supreme Court ordered Israel to reroute 30 kilometers (19 miles)=20
in the Jerusalem area, responding to a specific appeal by residents.=20

But Defense Ministry experts also were altering the route=20
significantly in the southern sections of the West Bank where=20
construction has not yet begun, the security officials said.=20

In Jerusalem, the route encircles east Jerusalem, the Arab-populated=20
half of the city that was part of Jordan until Israel captured it in=20
1967 and annexed it shortly afterward.=20

Israel built large Jewish residential areas in the annexed part of=20
the city, which Palestinians consider to be part of the occupied=20

Palestinian Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat said the new changes were=20
inadequate. The barrier should adhere to the 1967 border, allowing=20
Palestinians control over east Jerusalem, he said.=20

"In Jerusalem, Israel should put the wall on the Green Line," Erekat=20
said. "As long as its not on the Green Line, it's not acceptable."=20

Also Monday, Israeli troops shot and killed a 50-year-old Palestinian=20
woman in the Gaza Strip (news - web sites) town of Khan Younis as she=20
slept in her bed, Palestinian witnesses said. The Israeli army said=20
troops in the area came under fire and shot back, but knew nothing of=20
about any casualties.=20

Tensions were high in the Khan Younis area after Palestinians fired=20
mortars at the nearby Jewish settlement of Neve Dekelim on Sunday,=20
wounding six children. Israeli tanks returned fire, wounding nine=20

Meanwhile, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a request by nuclear=20
whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu to ease restrictions against him.=20

Vanunu completed an 18-year prison term in April for giving a British=20
newspaper pictures and information about an Israeli nuclear reactor=20
where he had worked as a technician. The state has prohibited Vanunu=20
from leaving the country for a year and from granting interviews to=20
the foreign media.=20

Israel refuses to discuss its nuclear capabilities, but published=20
reports say it may possess up to 300 nuclear warheads.=20

A senior American envoy, Elliot Abrams, was due to visit Israel next=20
week to discuss Sharon's plan to pull Israel out of army=20
installations and settlements in the Gaza Strip by October next year,=20
U.S. officials said.=20

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