[phpa] log message


I get the following lines in my apache error_log:
15:49:35  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25833)
15:49:35  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25834)
15:50:03  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25835)
15:50:21  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25836)
15:51:51  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25837)
15:52:09  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25864)
15:53:21  [notice] shm - Acquired cache (pid 25923)

I turn on phpa_logging and make a killall -HUP httpd.
And i have only one ipcs key 0x0c0deb00.
all works fine but i don't understand the signification of the line. 

Could you explain me this line ?



PS: sorry for my last mail....

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