-=PCTechTalk=- Re: 4 everybody who lives outside exUSSR

F I N A L ! ! !
OK, thanks a lot in your cooperation in this. I must say aloud: I DO
NOT USE STOLEN SOFTWARE - MasterNetLord's message compared me almost
to serial killa - i feel shamed 8-). I use SuSeLinux + StarOffice
Cyrillic Edition 5.2 made by Russian LinuxCenter at home bought for
my own money - This distribute is full enough and has everything i
need. At work i use Win2k, WinXP and office XP - bought for money of our
corporation - Legally! So dont shoot the dog - it barks as it can!!!

p.s. - Now we in Russia have DVD for $9. Where the hell is this world
rollin' to?
Best regards,
 Alex                            mailto:denissov@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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