[oxfordgamers] Re: The Atom

If I remember correctly, part of Al's gig was keeping his same strength even
at the smaller size.  That's got to boost the cost a lot too if you try to
replicate it.

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> Yeah, I was temporarily confused as well.
> Golden Age, Al Pratt
> Silver Age, Ray Palmer
> The GA version is much easier to buy as a C&M.  The SA version is
> difficult
> to fit under 500 mostly due to the cost of Shrinking.  For a power like
> Shrinking, it seems awfully expensive.  Shrinking has many disadvantages,
> among them being reduced damage, attributes, etc, everything shrinks
> proportionately with you unless you buy the modifier to keep your normal
> attributes.  But I can also see how it could be abused.  Imagine a .5"
> tall
> superman!
> -w

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