[oxfordgamers] Re: Masked heroes do exist

Many towns have their own local color like this.  I've mentioned Lima's
Superman before, although he's not as spry as this guy seems to be.  There's
also a costumed woman who wanders around the bars of a city on the west
coast and warns women about smarmy guys and chases off pushy would-be

Wasn't John Ritter in a movie about a guy who runs around being a super

In any case, let's just be glad he didn't take his inspiration from

Brock!  I want pictures of this brown masked guy and I want them now!  What
the hell do I pay you people for?

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> It was only a matter of time...
> And yet, I can't help but wonder. Is this a good thing? Or a bad thing?
> The comic book fanboy in me says "Yay!" The concerned citizen in me
> says "As long as this guy doesn't break any laws, then all right." The
> sceptic in me says "Nutjob."
> -Feeling very confused
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