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I guess I haven't ever really thought of it that way, but it occurs to me
that all of the classic prayers start with Baruch Atah Adonai - blessed are
YOU oh Lord.  So if we can bless him with prayer, we can bless him with


Is that the same thing as ministering?  I tend to think of ministering as
something that people in the church do for other people (in or out of the
church), but I'm totally open to being wrong about that.




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We are to be a blessing to the Lord.  Can we bless the Lord through song and
praises and hymns?


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It's clear to me.............


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Thanks so much to Craig for locating this mission statement.  I think that
this captures the primary focus of what we do wonderfully.  


I'm a little surprised by the term 'minister', though.  Craig, can you share
more about what it means to "minister to . the Lord"?


What does everybody else think?  Is it missing anything?  Is it all clear to
everybody?  Is this a statement that we can all get behind and support?





The Music Ministry 
exists to 
minister to, and magnify the Lord 

by leading the congregation

in song and prayer 
as God works in our hearts,

bringing us closer 

to Messiah-like maturity.


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Why not write to Thomas.  Perhaps he remembers it, or saved it somewhere as
a basis for something he might be doing now.


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Thanks, Mike, for your passion for God honoring worship and the way you
express your heart in this area!

I know there was an OTC worship team mission statement when Thomas Boehm was
serving on the team, but I can't find my written copy.  Does anyone from
back then have their copy?????  With that being from awhile back, I don't
know if it still applies.

Thanks Mike for this great idea to locate one if we have it!


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Cheryl said:


We are a congregation, not a mission.  We have a mission statement but we
are first and foremost a congregation of believers .....God does the saving.
Our mission is not only to Jewish people, but to who God puts in our path.
As Craig said, we provide a home ofr Jewish believers who want to maintain
their Jewishness and for Gentiles............etc. etc. etc.


I agree that we are a congregation first and foremost, but I think we've had
some significant confusion in some of our meetings about exactly what the
OTC worship team is actually trying to accomplish for that congregation, and
for the Body overall.  That confusion carries over into tricky questions of
how many of which types of songs we should be singing on Saturdays.
Personally, I think that identifying organizational goals is important to
avoiding confusion, and that for everyone's benefit, those goals should be
captured in a succinct mission statement.  Think of the role the U.S.
Constitution plays in governmental affairs.  Individuals will argue that
government should or should not do certain things because the Constitution
demands or forbids them.  If I ask my Congressman to put forward a law that
says prisoners must listen to three hours of smooth jazz music each day, he
might respond by saying that the Constitution does not permit Cruel and
Unusual Punishment.  If my Congressman tries to pass a law abolishing the
military, I should respond that the Constitution requires the government to
Provide for the Common Defense.  A mission creates a sense of focus, and
makes it easier to identify what advances or frustrates the goals of that


Our web site makes it clear that we deliberately have chosen a
Jewish-focused worship style (and I praise God for that!) but my point is
that this approach doesn't flow directly from the stated mission of Olive
Tree - making disciples of Jews and Gentiles to glorify God.  Inasmuch as it
IS our approach, and should STAY our approach, it seems to me we should have
some formal treatment of that idea.  In short, we should be able to say, "We
worship with a Jewish sensibility because it's our primary mission to
evangelize the Jewish people", instead of saying "We worship with a Jewish
sensibility because our website says so."  It's a subtle difference, but an
important one.  The website content may change based on the emphasis of
whoever updates the website.  The mission of the OTC worship team should be
something that doesn't change unless the Spirit impresses on the team that
we need to change the way we are doing worship.


Note that that's not to say that we're doing anything wrong by making the
Jewish community the focus of our missions efforts, and our worship efforts.
What I'm missing, intellectually, is some formal statement of the worship
team's principles.  Let me throw this question out there - is there a formal
OTC Worship Team mission statement?  Something that defines why we do what
we do?  The text on the website, and Craig's commentary in this forum would
both provide great source material for such a document, if it doesn't
already exist.



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