Re: update a 200 - 300 row table - APEX

Hi Maxim and APEXers the list,

I got APEX 3.2 up and running using the Embedded pl/sql Gateway with running on VMware guest Suse 10.1 and MS Windows Server 2003,...
thanks to your help

I've now read (most of) the 2 day development guide that comes with the
build and have produced a simple prototype.  I have a few changes that I
need to make after a demo, but both client and I are happy.  Nice one :-)

Very impressive.


My app was *very* simple, and therefore straightforward.  But with such a
powerful tool I can envisage creating a bird's nest of an application that
works a treat and is *totally* understandable and maintainable at
development time, but a few weeks/months down the road is a bit of a

 I wonder how complicated a "simple" app would have to be before maintenance
became a nightmare.

How are these APEX applications designed from scratch, especially when the
app is expected not to be trivial.  And once designed, how is that design


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