Re: sqlplus connection from unix with and without the oracle sid

Hello Ricks,

Actually there are many database running on the unix server you are logging
in. to see how many databses are running in your unix server issue "ps -ef
|grep lgwr" .  Now suppose you want to login to a  database for ex:- 'xxxx'
and you have username and password for the database you are logging in.

1. After you login to your unix machine.
2. . oraenv
here you need to enter the database you want to login to say xxxx
3. sqlplus username/password
4. You are done and you have logged in xxxx database as your username or

Note:- If there is only one database running on your machine then some times
it takes by default.

Hope this helps.....


On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 7:09 PM, Rick Ricky <ricks12345@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have my ORACLE_SID set in my .bash_profile. I echo it and its there. I
> have until yesterday afternoon been able to log in without having to enter
> so I do
> login: username/password
> now oracle needs my oracle sid. I think my sysadmin changed something. I do
> not know what it is.
> when do you need to enter a SID when you log into oracle from a unix/linux
> shell and when don't you?

Temples & Softwares are more or less the same, first we build them and then
we pray ;)

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