Re: sqlplus

Hi Joan,

> I have a shell script report the following output for my daily check
> routine. I found the SQL> SQL> SQL> is very annoying, is it possible to
> get rid off the "lines from coonected to:" to 2 3 4...13" ?

I've needed to include these settings in the shell I'm working on in order
to make sure that the login.sql/glogin.sql settings do not interfere with
the output format (10.1 on AIX):

set heading off trimout on tab off echo off termout on colsep "" verify off
feedback off newpage 0 linesize 80 pagesize 100 showmode off

There may be more!  These are only the ones that affected my output.  I also
needed to use "cut" to trim the output, like this:

my_status=`sqlplus -s / @$ADMIN/my.sql|cut -f 10 -d " "`

And, as others have mentioned, use "-s" with "sqlplus" to silence the extra
verbage, too.

It seems like all of this is more excessive than I've used in the past, but
it works consistently for me.



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