Re: share a new 11gR2 feature

Job Miller wrote,on my timestamp of 4/09/2009 12:16 AM:
A few of the things from the 11gR2 new features guide that are interesting to me. i just cut and paste from the doc, so no value add but if anyone feels inspired to share the things from the 11gR2 new features guide that they have been waiting for or think they can immediately benefit from, I am sure the rest of us would gain a better appreciation for that new feature. So if you plan to read the guide, ignore this.

Here is one, very relevant to us: ASM Intelligent Data Placement

Disk drives have higher transfer rates and bytes per track on the outer tracks. 
This makes it preferable to keep the hotter data closer to the edge of the 
disk; that is, the lower numbered blocks. This feature enables ASM to identify 
higher performance disk regions. Most frequently accessed ASM files can be 
marked to be moved into the hot region and take advantage of higher I/O 
performance (for example, hot tablespaces and indices) and able to better meet 
the application I/O demand. This feature is only applicable when whole physical 
disks are presented to ASM versus local unit numbers (LUN).

If only someone would explain this to the absolute incompetents who handle our SAN config...

Nuno Souto
in overcast Sydney, Australia

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