rman duplicate set until time

Hi List,

I am using rman hot backup to clone a test database. I'd like to make clone the database at sysdate -1 at 5 pm. I am not sure how to format the set until time statement to make it dynamic. SET UNTIL TIME "to_date('Oct 13 2009 17:00:00','Mon DD YYYY HH:MI:SS')"; is working, but how to make it "sysdate -1 17:00:00" in the script?


run {
   allocate auxiliary channel aux1 type disk;
   allocate auxiliary channel aux2 type disk;
   allocate auxiliary channel aux3 type disk;
   set until time 'SYSDATE -1';
   duplicate target database to $A_ORACLE_SID;
   release channel aux1;
   release channel aux2;
   release channel aux3;


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