RE: "rcp" and 9iRAC

Not off-topic at all.  Article 184821.1 on MetaLink has the setup =
necessary for you to get rcp working.  Also, Werner Puschitz' excellent =
site has the step-by-step instructions.

Since this is a test box, you could try (as root):

mv /usr/bin/kerberos/rcp =
ln -s /usr/bin/scp /usr/bin/kerberos/rcp

The program locations above are based on RHAS3 (White Box, actually).  =
Type "which rcp" and "which scp" for your installed programs locations.



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Subject: "rcp" and 9iRAC


I am trying to setup RAC for developement and testing in using RedHat =
In order to install oracle software on all nodes we need to have "rcp" =
enabled so that don't need to install oracle s/w on each and every node.

The problem is that "rcp" is not working between nodes but scp works.

How to enable "rcp" in RedHat or How to tell oracle cluster to use "scp" =
to copy the software between each nodes?

I am really sorry if the question is off topic.

Thanks in advance

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