Re: oracle vs sybase cheatsheet

Sign me up -- I'll definitely buy it!  I've lost track
of how much valuable time I've wasted doing things
that were myth-related (e.g., increasing SGA to get my
BCHR up) when I could have actually been doing
something useful.

Send me a copy when it's complete!!  :)


> Someone could make a mint just writing a
> "Myth-debunking" book on
> Oracle.  Wait a minute!  What a grand Idea!  :-)
> todd
> > 
> > Todd:
> > Thanks very much!
> > That will get me going, and I very much appreciate
> it.
> > 
> > I did run across your "oracle cheatsheet" when I
> > googled, and it's quite useful.
> > 

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