Re: join query

Full outer join on columns produced by rownum is overkill. Another
thing rownum for each row each time might be different, so the results
might be different.
I have written an article about join types which contains some
nice pictures for each join type to understand more what each of them
This could be a starting point.

Gints Plivna

2009/1/21 Krishan Gupta <krishan.gupta@xxxxxxxx>:
> My apologies, I misstated it.  xx_box have 4 records as follows :-.
> select * from xx_box;
> pos_id       box_id
> 2                B1
> 2                B2
> 2                B3
> 2                B4
> I also figured out how to get the output result I wanted.  Here is the
> query :-
> select e.pos_id, d.case_id, e.box_id
> from
> (select rownum xc , c.*  from xx_case c) d
> full outer join
> (select rownum xb , b.*  from xx_box b)  e on  d.xc = e.xb
> Thanks to you all for your precious time on this.

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