RE: external tables

Fred, External tables are just sqlldr executed from within the db.  I
haven't noticed any real time difference from insert select from
external_table verse loading the same target via an external sqlldr.  Do you
have any test results you can share?

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external tables are normally fast without indexes as they rely on fs access
time .
on the other hand i use them exclusively for  loading data in my dw. so its
sure beats thetime taken by loading the time that sqlloader takes to load
the data and process it.

susan lam <susanzlam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've a huge flat file (about 20GB) to load into a 9i
database. I would like to make use of the external
table feature but I do not know the usefulness of it
if I cannot create any indexes on external tables.
Querying on the table will be slow without the
indexes. Are there other alternatives where I could
make use of the external table feature and yet be able
to query the table without any performance impact?


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