RE: as or is

The following is pure cojecture ...

Both exist for for grammatical reasons.  "Create Package <package_name> =
is"  is grating.  "Create" is the verb.  What's the "is" doing there.  =
However, inside the package one doesn't use the verb "create" in =
defining procdeures.  "Procedure <procedure_name> is" has a verb; =
"Procedure <procedure_name> as"  does not.  Tnen they using is in =
certain cases and as in others was confusing and allowed both.=20

PL/SQL has had is and as from the beginning.  What about Ada?

Ian MacGregor
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


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This is out of curiosity...

Why, in the CREATE PACKAGE, or CREATE PACKAGE BODY statements, does =
Oracle list both IS and AS as possible elements?

Is it a backward-compatibility thing?

I find it weird that both would be in the command diagrams.  I like =
things nice and simple.

: )

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