Windows Active Directory, MIT kerberos, KDC and Oracle Advanced Security

Anyone got working Oracle 9i/10g (AIX/Linux/Windows) external
authentication via Windows 2003 AD KDC (MIT Kerberos) ?
Is it worth the effort, is it safe in a long run for production
So far I failed with 
- Oracle on both RHAT Enterprise server v5 and Windows Standard
Edition 2003
- Oracle on AIX 5.3
KDC is on Windows SE 2003, with hotfix implemented regarding DES
Technically, Oracle "sqlplus /@test" gets as far as to get both TGT and
TSK for db server principal (which is veryfied by running oklist)
This means that the most common kerberos issue with "Crediantials
retrival failed" is avoided.
Then it fails with either 
1) ORA-12637 (Packet receive failed) for Oracle on both RHAT ES
v5 and Windows SE 2003. Oracle complains with "Read unexpected EOF ERROR
on 9" meaning that KDC failes to respond after about 10 minutes wait.
2) ORA-12631 (Username retrieval failed) for Oracle on AIX
Here Oracle complains with "Returning 31: Decrypt integrity check
failed....error 12631 received from authentication service"
Does it makes sense to investigate any further or is it a dead end which
was never supposed to be in production?
Tahnk you in advance, 
Laimis N


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