Re: Why does olsnodes generate and read logs in $CRSHOME/log/$node/client


There was a bug in which cuase crs commands run reallys low when
$CRS_HOME/log/$HOSTNAME/client is full of files not sure if that is yur



On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 8:53 PM, Charles Schultz <sacrophyte@xxxxxxxxx>

> Good day, list,
> We use olsnodes in oraenv to set the ORACLE_SID. I have seen other
> implementations of setting the ORACLE_SID in oraenv, but I am asking
> specifically about olsnodes and how it works. Looking at the readable,
> non-binary olsnodes, I see that it calls olsnodes.bin. I am not very
> versatile with debuggers or decompilers, but I do see the documentation has
> a brief synopsis for syntax. Nothing about the syntax suggests that I would
> be generating a log file each time we use olsnnodes, nor that olsnodes would
> be scanning the entire $CRSHOME/log/$node/client directory each time it is
> run. We have observed that olsnodes has become slower and slower, and
> finally noticed that this directory has 65,000 files in it. Is there
> supposed to be a job to clean those up? Why are there at all, and why is
> olsnodes scanning the directory? The only reason I found this directory was
> doing an strace (linux) on olsnodes and seeing an entry like the following
> for each file:
> access("/u01/app/oracle/product/crs/log/urbdb1/client/css551.log", F_OK) =
> 0
> getcwd("/u01/app/oracle/local/bin", 4096) = 26
> chdir("/u01/app/oracle/product/crs/log/db1/client") = 0
> getcwd("/u01/app/oracle/product/crs/log/urbdb1/client", 4096) = 46
> chdir("/u01/app/oracle/local/bin")      = 0
> = 0x2a97790000
> munmap(0x2a97790000, 143360)            = 0
> --
> Charles Schultz

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