Re: What is listening on port 1837 on OMS?


you can try lsof



On 8/27/07, Rich Jesse <rjoralist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've just gone production with Grid Control on Ora-Linux EL4
> (sympathies accepted).  As I'm snooping around, I see that it's warning me
> that port 1837 is open on the OMS.  Metalinking that number comes up with
> nothing.  Googling that number comes up with an association with "csoft1",
> but no further results inquiring on that.  Tahiti also came up with no
> results.
> "netstat -lvee" shows that the LISTEN is by user root and has an
> associated
> inode.  Doing a "find / -inum <inode-number>" (only "/" for mounts on this
> system) comes up with nothing.  I also tried "find / -print0|xargs ls
> -|grep
> <inode>" in case the first find had issues with /proc or /sys, but still
> no
> luck.
> That's the extent of my troubleshooting knowledge on this.  Anyone have a
> suggestion as to where I look from here?
> TIA!
> Rich
> --

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