Re: Transfer of Oracle-L

Thanks for ALL your effort and support Jared.

Welcome back Steve !! (I'm sure you'll manage this list as good as Jared has 
done for so many years.)


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Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 8:04 PM
Subject: Transfer of Oracle-L

> Dear List,
> Having been the 'owner' and admin of this list for the
> past six years has been a (mostly) fun ride, and quite
> a learning experience.
> All good things come to and end, and the time has come
> however to hand these responsibilities over to someone
> else.
> Steve Adams has graciously accepted to be the admin and
> owner of Oracle-L.  Most of you probably know or know
> of Steve.  If not, you are probably at least aware of
> his website
> Steve has many times been a frequent contributor to this
> list, though not as much lately as in times past.
> As his circumstances now allow him to spend more time on
> Oracle-L, he was able to accept the role of admin.
> Please welcome Steve as admin and owner of Oracle-L. I will
> stay on as an admin of the list until he has had some time
> to adjust to the new role.
> Thank you,
> Jared
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