Re: Survey: 11g plan management (DBMS_SPM)

2011/6/20  <Laimutis.Nedzinskas@xxxxxx>:
> Thank you all.
> But did anyone try to use SPM on a global scale? To freeze a stable
> production application ? Sounds scarry to me but how to know w/o trying ?
> I can guess some issue like slower sql parsing, latching/"mutexing", etc
> with a large number of SQL baselines. Would be interesting to know load on
> CPU either.


I'm using it to freeze plans for whole application - and it is running
quite well even with 300 - 400 plans in dba_sql_plan_baseline.
Of course there are issues with plans and I'm going to blog about that
soon - there is a few gotcha but if you are aware it is nice to use.

Marcin Przepiorowski

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