Re: Standard Edition standby database

I've got an SE standby database up and running and scripts shipping the
archivelogs and appying them automatically.  (Thanks, Tim G.)  My latest
problem is actually doing a manual switch.  I'm getting the following

ORA-16014: log 1 sequence# 127 not archived, no available destinations
ORA-00312: online log 1 thread 1: '/u05/oradata/dbatst/redo01.log'

I've been researching Metalink, but haven't found an answer yet.
Apparently, a few people who have SE solved the problem, but they didn't
post the solution in the thread.  Since the posts are a couple of years old,
I don't know that I'll get a response back from the emails I sent out.
Everything I've read so far in the docs assumes you're EE, not SE.

Does anyone on this list have a solution they would be willing to share?


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