Re: Shared Pool Tuning

Right.  If no SQL is getting reused, you're better off with a smaller shared
pool.  It's a common mistake people make-- increase the shared pool because
they're doing a lot of parsing.  But your latch problems get worse, and if
you're not reusing SQL, it has no benefit.

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If I recall correctly, hard parse grabs a bunch of latches; and the bigger
the shared pool, the worse the latch contention can get.  Although it seems
counter intuitive, I think, in this case, the piece of duct tape you apply
is to REDUCE the size of the shared pool.

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>When the
>shared pool "fills up", all that means is that additional SQL
>which gets
>hard parsed must move some other SQL out of the shared pool.
>This is not a
>problem unless the SQL moved out is needed again.


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