Session broke and query running

I am on Sun platform where the connection broke after
30 min if the OS session is idle. I logon to sqlplus
and run a query using bulk collect to insert into a
table. The query is big as the table involved contain
6 CLOB and generally take around 1 hr to insert a few
hundred thousand record into the table. I just
realized and found that mine OS connection is broken
but when i checked the OS process, I find that mine
process is still running and I used truss and it look
like it is calling open,pwrite kind of system call.
but as it is alread around 2 hours been passed and so
I am worried if it is good to kill the session as the
process is really also putting small recource on CPU
as per the TOP output.

Please advice as I thought that once the connection
broke, the database connection is also gone and the
connected process might be runaway process. I had to
insert the big data and I need some expert advice


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