Re: Schema duplication on the same database.

What oracle version?

IIRC, in 11g you can use standby for read only while the apply is working in the background. So, you can create a stand by database and let the other 2 users make reports from there.

Adar Yechiel
Rechovot, Israel

Dhimant Patel wrote:
Hi All,

I have Oracle Standard Edition installed and have two schema in use (call it prodA, prodB) in this database. I wanted to create two additional schema(s) (copyA and copyB) and want to maintain both in sync with original schema(s). I know streams can not be used since it is only Enterprise version feature. I currently use datapump for schema duplication but this is little bit different - since downtime is not acceptable (hence both should be in sync, almost!).

I thought of following:

1> Instead create new users and allow full access to prodA and prodB via synonyms and hope all is ok - since we now have four users and could later on face issues of objects and links all over the place.

Didn't like this idea.

2> Use replication for all objects and copy them over to copyA and copyB. It still wont allow copying of stored procedure code, which is large in our case.

3> Could proxy user can help? But I think they are for external users like in the case of application servers etc.

Any other ideas?

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