Replication of an entire schema using Streams

I am involved in a project which may require setting up streams replication of 
an entire schema (approximately 500 tables, 50 GB of data, and 50 to 100 
transactions per minute) between two databases that are physically located in 
geographically disparate areas. The replication has to be both ways. 
I would like to have feedback from the members on the following:
1) Known issues with streams replication on such a scale.
2) Issues with conflict resolution.
3) If I have an Option of selecting 9i vs 10g for Streams, I would pick 10g, 
because it is much more easier to setup and manage Streams on 10g. However, 
would like feedback if anyone has experienced any specific issues on either 9i 
or 10g while managing Streams replication on a such a large scale.
Thanks in advance,
Sanjay Mishra
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