Re: Renaming / deleting listener.log and alert log

Run this "safe" command on unix:

> alert_db.log
> listener_db.log

On Windows you can just run:

echo "" > alert_db.log
echo "" > alert_db.log

Dimitre Radoulov


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Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 9:35 AM
Subject: Renaming / deleting listener.log and alert log

> OK folks - please help me out with this old chestnut:
> When the listener log, and the database alert log, start to reach
> unwieldy sizes, it's time to either delete the log, or - better - rename
> it, so that Oracle will start a fresh one. But the question of whether
> this can be done "on the fly", whilst the listener or database
> (respectively) are still running, or whether you have to stop the
> listener or shutdown the database instance before doing so, seems to
> depend on which version of Oracle and which operating system are
> running.
> So, by way of clarification, can anyone give a definitive answer to
> these questions:
> Is it safe to delete or rename the listener log file whilst the listener
> is still running, for Oracle 8i under Windows 2000 Server? And how about
> deleting/renaming the database alert log file without shutting down the
> instance, under the same configuration (8i, Windows 2k)?
> Same question for Oracle 9i under Win2k ?
> Same question for Oracle 8i under Solaris?
> Same question for Oracle 9i under Solaris?
> If there's a clear consensus on these answers, this would be a handy FAQ
> answer!
> Regards,
> Paul
> Paul Vincent
> UCE Birmingham
> paul.vincent@xxxxxxxxx
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