RE: Records in DBA_OBJECTS and DBA_SOURCE do not match

Why don't you do:

select object_name from user_objects 
where object_type = 'TRIGGER'
and object_name not in (
select name from user_source
where type = 'TRIGGER');

And find out, where the difference comes from?

Igor Neyman 

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I just queried my DBA_SOURCE and DBA_OBJECTS views and found out that
record count in these two views are not matching for Triggers. I have
not checked it for a while but last change we did was upgraded to Oracle
10G.. Did anybody have / face the same problem after 10G upgrade or any
other changes in the database....Any ideas...suggestions..

select distinct name from dba_source where owner like 'GIA' and type
like 'TRIGGER';


select count(*) from dba_objects  where owner like 'GIA' and object_type
like 'TRIGGER';




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