Re: RMAN catalog operations taking 128 seconds per file - where is the bottleneck (and no guessing)

RMAN is a (special) database application which has *sessions* like any other
database application... So either trace the session if you want to know the
answer in minutes, or run snapper on RMAN sessions if you want to know the
answer in seconds... (or write a query against ASH if you've got the

Tanel Poder
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On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Charles Schultz <sacrophyte@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Good day, list,
> What would cause an RMAN catalog operation to last a relatively eternal 128
> seconds?
> The stats I have collected so far:
>    - Sun T5440
>    - 256 virtual processors at 1.414MHz
>    - 128gb ram (76gb swap - I know... I didn't set it up)
>    - 65 databases
>    - Truss shows a lot of parking and sleeping, but not much else.
>    - Trace event 10046 is similarly not giving me much help.
>    - Running an RMAN Duplicate command on a database with 164
>    datafiles.
>    - Controlfile is 22mb with a keep time of 7 days.

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