Re: RAC in NAS

2006/8/2, Jared Still <jkstill@xxxxxxxxx>:

Unless there's a fair chance of selling many  thousands of copies,
writing a book is largely a labor of love.  Articles and presentations
are much more enjoyable, and require smaller doses of commitment. :)

Probably ~10 people could write each his own article and compile them together in a book? :) I assume it is less work than writing a whole book and we already have at least one nice example.

I'm not really qualified to write a storage book, and there are a number
of people that are.

And here they are - necessary ~10 people! :))

Let's see what happens, maybe this thread will provide incentive for someone with storage expertise to document their knowledge.

Yea, dum spiro spero - While I breathe, I hope!

Gints Plivna

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