RE: Question in HOT BACKUP


>> For instance: someone sent me 200G of cold  backup tape, but the
>> database was not being shutdown cleanly.  The online logs were
>> needed of course.  The folks at the other end would not own up
>> I was thankful for his poor backup practice of backing up the logs,
>> it saved us a bit of work.

I think the keyword here is "Cold backup" (even if it was incorrect). A Cold
backup _does_ require Online redologs to be backed up, as this is a
_Total_Image_ of the Database. Although the other DBA was supposed to have
shutdown before backup, he _did_ backup the redo logs. The fact was there
this was during a quiescent period when the SCN did not change helped you
recover... Maybe he did do the right thing and back up the redo logs...

Fyi... I had a similar situation long ago, when *I* forgot to shutdown
before a cold backup clone for a demo. My backside was saved because there
were no transactions (users were told to commit and logoff).

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