Re: Production db server getting freezed

Is the storage for this system external?  SAN to NAS I mean?  It may be the 
storage connectivity is getting lost once in a while.  

There could be other reasons like cron job that is taking all resources or a 
failing hardware.  You will have to poke around until you can find it.  It help 
if you are graphing the system's statistics with for example cacti as you can 
identify a trend, or interaction of different system's statistics.

On 2011-02-05, at 11:09 AM, Howard Latham wrote:

> how long does the freeze last? we have this too.
> On 5 February 2011 15:58, Andrew Kerber 
> <andrew.kerber@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:andrew.kerber@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
> Get a look at disk, swap, and cpu usage and open a sev 1 sr with mos. We 
> really cant tell anything with the information you have provided.
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> Subject: Production db server getting freezed
> Hi
> Our production database server is getting frrezed suddenly yesterday..There 
> is no deadlock or any unknown errors in alert log file.
> Oracle database version :
> OS : RedHatLinux 5.2
> Please share your thoughts to analyze the issue.What kind of logs or settings 
> i need to look in to this issue at OS level and db level.
> Regards
> Krishna
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> Howard A. Latham
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