RE: Performance off "count(*)"

If there is something like "an optimized method" for "count(*)" based on the 
internals, wouldn't it be more cost effective to determine it based on the 
freelist info...


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Onderwerp: RE: Performance off "count(*)"

Hi Greg,

As far as I know the "nrow" in block header stores number of all row
structures in a block, including deleted rows (with delete flag set in row
header) and continued row pieces (chained rows) so Oracle still has to go to
individual row header to determine whether to count it or not...

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> > Am I correct in my "small understanding" of Oracle that
> "count(*)" has
> > been optimized.
> A count(*) that uses TABLE ACCESS FULL access does not have
> to read each block in its entirety, it just reads the header
> to see how many rows are in the block.  I guess you could
> call that "optimized".
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