Re: Oracle10g SQL

I am using mailfilter, procmail and spamassassin. I can do PCRE, contents 
subject patterns and many other things. If I wanted you in my filter, you would 
there. This little trick would not help you much. More things like that may 
indeed annoy 
me to the point that I really do put you there, though.

Oh, please don't do that!  Your posts are so insightful, after all, I 
don't know what I'd do without your brilliant commentary on my own 

What I meant by the "filter" was the quote limitation that bounces 
replies that contain more than 80-85% quoted text.  Unfortunately, if 
I'd removed more of your reply, we'd have not had context on my 
obviously witty retort.  *ahem*

All of the above in jest, of course.  Of course.



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