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We are running Oracle Streams where we are streaming selective tables
from four different Oracle ERP systems geographically located at
different locations (US, EU). Tables are getting streamed to a central
database. What we seen is that:
- Streams APPLY will need to be tune to get a good performance.
Initially we had issues with the APPLY speed but once APPLY was tuned,
tables are staying in synch most of the time.
- The main issue is with the long running transactions where we have
seen that APPLY lags behind by several hours on large spilled
transactions. According to Oracle, this is a limitation of Streams and
the solution is to run those batch jobs directly against the APPLY

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You can try GoldenGate (though I've had some problems with it) or look
Active DataGuard (which is a pretty expensive option)
There's also the posibility of using MViews on a DB Link if you have a
stable and private link between the two sites... I have seen this
several years ago, on 9i databases. I think they called it advanced
replication or something like that. It's a lot of work to set up, but
it's there it's pretty easy to maintain. And the 10g scheduler is far
better than the dbms_jobs that 9i had for scheduling the refresh


On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 12:48 PM, Peter Barnett <regdba@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We are looking at keeping a remote database at a vendor site updated.
>  Timing is not terribly critical since one of the options is running a
> batch ETL job on a daily basis.
> Another option is to use Oracle Streams.  Our previous experience with
> this product has not been very positive but that has been several
> ago.  It was high maintenance for the DBA and we had a problem on the
> target server maintaining RI without disabling a lot of triggers.
> Given the choices, has Streams improved enough to reconsider it?
> Pete Barnett
> Database Technologies Lead
> Cambia Health Solutions
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