Re: Oracle Enterprise Manager and the 4K block size

Dont forget it is also slow....  Maybe its just me, but its the slowness
that irritates me the most, and that is probably the item that is least
likely to be fixed.

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> On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 6:11 AM, Niall Litchfield <
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>> 1) 12 SRs to install and configure is about 10 or so too many.
>> 2) Some of the configuration choices are obscure and overcomplicated "add
>> these .jar files to the classpath of the agent and restart.... "
>> 3) The interface is still inconsistent.
> Yes, yes, and yes.
>> 4) Licensing. This client won't go with all of the monitoring options
>> available because frankly they could equip and staff an entire IT operations
>> centre for the fees Oracle was proposing. They already have the database
>> packs by the way.
> IMO that is the single biggest obstacle for not implementing GC.
> We are a "medium" sized business ($300m annually) with small IT shop (< 30
> people)
> and 1 DBA (me).
> The licensing for the diag and perfmance packs is ~110k per year plus
> support.
> Try making that fly in a business this size.
> We simply don't have enough use for it, and enough manpower to install,
> configure
> and keep it all running.
> We (me) installed Embarcadere DB Optimizer for tuning purposes.
> Licensed for a single user, network wide, was about 2.5k + ~400 annual
> maintenance.
> That I can live with, and it's easy to use.
> If that sounds like a plug, well, I like the tool.
> To summarize my own feelings on GC/OEM:  If you need it or have use for it,
> do so.
> If not, don't bother.  :)
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