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An equally careful reading shows that Delaware is now paying higher salaries 
for the remaining 79% of its deadwood. :)

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Here's a happy note Ellis to lift you out of your gloom....In Statetech =
magazine I read this morning, "In 2001, the state (Delaware) dissolved =
the IT organization, then spent two years rebuilding it from = making the state's salary structure similar to private =
industry, Delaware was able to rehire about 80% of its IT staff and also =
lured tech workers from the private sector." =20

A careful reading of that sentence tells me that Delaware was able to =
SHED 20% of it's dead weight... Way to go Delaware!  Anyway, Ellis you =
have provided the most entertaining reading I have experienced in =
awhile.  If you give up on IT you can join Scott Adams (Dilbert) or Dave =
Barry as a commentator. <g>

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