Re: OEM poll

Alex Gorbachev wrote:

Now that we are talking about it I cannot refrain from mentioning
Packs Licensing. Two words - it s*cks!
On the other hand I like the basic model - you don't have to license
hardware that is used to run GC so it's  easy to get couple Linux
boxes and you all set. If only Oracle makes packs "free"!

And where do You store Your stats (I mean GC stats)? Every server/instance/database keep its own or have You some central place for it?


Remigiusz Sokolowski <rems@xxxxxxxx>
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MySQL v04.x,05.x; Oracle v10.x

Niniejsza wiadomosc stanowi jedynie wyraz prywatnych pogladow autora i nie jest w zadnym wypadku zwiazana ze stanowiskiem przedsiebiorstwa Wirtualna Polska S.A.


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