Re: Multiple ASM instances on the same box

It is possible, but not supported. There are some undocumented  
parameters involved. But, you shouldn't have to. Both clusterware and  
ASM are backward compatible. Just run 11g clusterware and 11g ASM, and  
you should be fine running 10gR2 and 11g databases. And, it's fully  

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On Nov 19, 2009, at 10:53 PM, "Kumar Madduri" <ksmadduri@xxxxxxxxx>  

> Hi
> Do you have scenarios or cases where you have Multiple ASM instances  
> running on the same box . I have 3 databases and 3 ASM instances for  
> each database on the same box. This is working on
> Oracle says it is not supported configuration. But just want to find  
> if there are anybody out there who have similar configuration.
> Another related question is
> Do you have cases where you are running on a clusterware  
> (for example) and a and ASM instance succesfully  
> brought up under the clusterware. Oracle again says this is  
> not supported. Oracle says you can only have one ASM instance  
> (either on or but not both running against a  
> cluster (this is true regardless whether you are on RAC/NON- 
> RAC). I have been able to bring up a and ASM  
> instance under a CRS for NON-RAC databases  but I am having  
> issues doing the same for an environment that supports RAC (I can  
> only bring up either or This coudl be a true  
> version limitation but I want to rule out any setup issue)
> Any inputs on this?
> Thank you
> Kumar


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