Re: Managing large physical mailings ...

Ahhh, excellent suggestion; I believe the master database has a soundex column.

On 10/3/06, Dennis Williams <oracledba.williams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You're getting some great advice. On the do-it-yourself front, take a look
at the SOUNDEX routine built into SQL. Helps a lot on dealing with minor
spelling variations.

Someone else mentioned regex in 10 (we're on 9, but we can move the data-set to an XE instance). Not searching Oracle directlly, I did find this:

The sample data consists of a list of address strings. The table that
holds this data is named XXADDR and contains only one column,
ADDRESS_LINE1, of type VARCHAR2(300). Our test scenario involves a
requirement to standardize street abbreviations to comply with the
U.S. Postal Service standard (described in Appendix E of Postal
Addressing Standards). A sample of the standard is shown below:

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