Re: Linux/AIO


   my  database :  RHAS 2.1(2.4.9-E37) +  9204 RAC . when  i  use   AIO , it  
cause memory  error  and  some  datafile  offline  then  the  instance  crash. 
this appear  twice     per month . after open iTAR and oracle advise us  do not 
 use  AIO .  now my  database is  ok.

i  do  not  know how about the  RHAS 3.0 .

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msn: biti_rainy@xxxxxxxxxxx
a dba from alibaba(china)

---- from the  mail-----
>Has anyone here evaluated aio and/or IO slaves on Linux RHAS 3?
>Are the implementations stable and do they perform well?
>Were running 9205 RAC.



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