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This may be of some use to you regarding external storage, but not directly
answering the question regarding the particular laptop:

The difference in random I/O performance is striking.



On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 11:58 AM, Vishal Gupta <vishal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

>  Hello List,
> I currently have a home desktop, which I used for running my all VMs on
> VmWare Server. It good enough configuration to run 3-4 or more VMs at the
> same time. I have two internal hard disks on desktop. To get decent enough
> performance from VMs, I tend to run VMs on separate disk than the host disk.
> But many times, I have left in situation where I don't have access to my
> small home virtual data centre. So I was looking for a powerful but
> lightweight laptop for this purpose. Ideally I would love to have VMs on
> separate disk. But laptop normally don't have enough room for 2 internal
> disks. And running VMs on external disk over USB2.0 (@480Mbps i.e. about 5
> times slower than eSATA drives) will give a dreaded performance. USB3.0
> (@5Gbps twice as fast as eSATA) would be good enough. But not many laptops
> support it yet.
> Does anyone has any laptop recommendation for this purpose? I had MacBook
> Pro with 8GB + SSD hard disk in mind. It would cost about £2000 (inc VAT) in
> UK. Does anyone has any experiences to share of using MacBookPro to run
> multiple VMs?
> *Desktop Configuration*
> CPU - Intel Core i7-920 (64bit) - single socket with 4 cores, 8 threads
> RAM - 6GB
> Disk - Two internal 750GB each SATA-300 (@2400Mbps) drives , 1 external 2TB
> eSATA (@2400Mbps) drive.
> Disk 1 - (internal) Host OS and other stuff
> Disk 2 - (internal) Reserved for running only VMs
> Disk 3 - (eSATA @2400Mbps ) Used
> Disk 4 - USB 2.0 (@
> Devices Speeds link -
>  Regards,
> Vishal Gupta


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