Re: Just my opinion - the move of MOS to Flash is still a bunch of crap



"Whoops, Ctrl-C for copy - we forgot about that"
"Whoops, Shift-Click for open in new tab - we forgot about that"

I can't believe they dropped dozens of standard web page facilities just so
they could smooth-scroll a region on a screen when you click on it...

Upload a file - whoops - "upload completed" seems to be shown when the file
has been compressed - its still 10mins to go before its uploaded.

File uploaded too big ?  Tough luck - you'll STILL be told it got uploaded,
but when you come back later, its no longer there...

Whoever dreamed up Metaflash could not find their own bum with two hands and
a torch.....

Connor McDonald
email: connor_mcdonald@xxxxxxxxx

"Semper in excremento, sole profundum qui variat"

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