Re: How can I copy a database to a new machine using RMAN?

We found a bug in 11g you cant push a duplicate from the primary but you can
PULL a duplicate from the secondary.

2008/10/30 Claudia Zeiler <czeiler@xxxxxxxxxx>

> Thank you to both Andy and Niall.  I have now followed Andy's link and am
> browsing around Metalink and finding more on how it is done.  It appears
> that in the answer is 'yes', but the remaining question is how.
>  Niall thank you for the tips.  It really does take a bit of working out to
> decide where each piece goes.  Thank you both for the help.
> -Claudia Zeiler
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> Subject: Re: How can I copy a database to a new machine using RMAN?
> Referencing Metalink note 369644.1 it looks like you should be able
> to use RMAN "convert commands" and the 10g Cross-Platform
> Transportable Tablespaces option. They reference note 243304.1 as well.
> Andy Rivenes
> At 04:28 AM 10/30/2008, Claudia Zeiler wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >
> >We have to move a database to a new machine. We are using Oracle
> > on both machines.  Machine1  (source) is AIX.  Machine 2
> >(target) is Solaris. Both are big-endian  I am trying to do it using
> >RMAN.  As a proof of concept I am trying to copy test database (DB1)
> >to a second machine.  The trouble is that machine2
> >already has a DB (Test_DB).  I have made a full hot backup of DB1
> >and copied the backupset files to Machine2.  On Machine2 I have set
> >the ORACLE_SID=DB1.  Now my instructions say I should issue
> >
> >RUN
> >{
> >allocate auxiliary channel c1 DEVICE TYPE disk;
> >DUPLICATE TARGET DATABASE to test nofilenamecheck ;
> >}
> >
> >However, I feel that I should be doing a RESTORE command, on Machine
> >2.  Also, I am afraid to proceed with any command because I don't
> >want to trash DB2a which is already on Machine2.
> >
> >Has anyone done this sort of thing?   Can you please advise me?
> >
> >Thank you.
> >Claudia Zeiler
> >
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Howard A. Latham

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